Nik Collection – Troubleshooting the New Release

Summary – Since the release of the updated Nik Collection on 10/29 (including Analog Efex Pro) lots of users have encountered a variety of problems. Read here about the problems and the solutions.

A variety of problems have cropped up

Since Google finally released an update to

The one-year old original Google Nik Collection

Some of these problems extend beyond the collection

Sometimes they also disable host programs like PS


This long-abandoned factory was already grungy

Using Analog Efex Pro might be considered “piling-on”

Roll mouse over for the AEP version

001D800E_120908_115037__DSC1244 nx2wb-dl cep4sep2lum66blog 002D800E_120908_115037__DSC1244_aepblog

Added light leaks, corroded plate, film strip frame

What else could go wrong πŸ˜‰


IMO the current problems are not only unfortunate

Many could have been avoided

I won’t go into details as I suspect I’m already on thin ice

Made too many critical comments on the tester forum


Here’s the bottom line for fixing 99% of known problems

Reinstall the collection

Details can be found here (click image to open)

11-2-2013 12-05-29 PM

Figure 1

Once you’re at this page, be sure to click on the line

That most nearly describes your problem

The nearly universal “solution” is to reinstall – HOWEVER

You’ll want to know whether to

Uninstall first – or not


I said re-install is the answer for 99% of the problems

The other 1% are usually caused by graphics cards

You can read about that in my post from this summer

Troubleshooting the Nik Collection

This earlier post covers all known collection problems

At the time it was written


Nik Collection Version Numbers

Prior to the new release

Determining the installed version number was a challenge

Now, just click on the collection logo

For any open collection plug-in

Click to enlarge

11-2-2013 12-23-24 PM

Figure 2

Unfortunately, Google hasn’t provided

Any convenient way to determine

The number of their latest version

If you’re curious,

Start a download of the trial version

The filename includes the version #

nikcollection- Cancelled
If the new release hasn’t been
Auto-updated to your computer yet (check your version)
(You must be a registered owner)
You can manually download & install it
Click on Figure 1 above
Follow the download & install instructions

Google auto-updates

Read this post for details

and this next one for

A user poll on auto-updating

Over 70% were against it

It’s annoying to re-install an older version

To solve problems cause by the latest auto-update

Only to discover that Google’s auto-update

Re-installs the one you’re trying to get rid of

A short while later


Getting Help

Click on this image to get to Nik Collection Help

Clicking on the Contact Us (once there)

Tells how to email and phone

The Nik Collection product help is much better now; use it

If there are unanswered questions after contacting Google

Let me know & I’ll see if I can help

11-2-2013 1-04-04 PM


Other Issues

Analog Efex Pro still suffers premature “new-born” ailments

Watch for version updates

Two so far from to 0.4 to 0.5

on 10/29, 10/30 & 10/31

Tells you something, doesn’t it?

Plug-in interface may not be as you left it

After last using a given plug-in

Panels collapsed, loupe instead of histogram

That sort of thing

It doesn’t seem to remember where it was left

When a new update is done

Grin it & bear it; maybe one day they’ll figure it out

Enough complaining for one post – past my 500 word limit


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4 thoughts on “Nik Collection – Troubleshooting the New Release

    • Probably not a bad idea. You’re not missing anything important – unless you need new ways to intentionally degrade images then Analog Efex Pro awaits. πŸ˜‰

  1. Wrong answers. G+ has to SUFFER for this. I will not voluntarily load faulty software. PS CC is a crash machine as well. This has to end. My solution will be to uninstall NIK and wait. I WILL NOT spend my valuable time solving the problems of incompetent companies. And, by the way, I can’t post to your site without WORDPRESS (another chunk of incompetence) getting in the act. I have had it with these jerks.

    • Wrong answers? From whom to what questions?

      I understand your being upset with Google & Adobe. But – What is your problem with me & WordPress? If I blog using WordPress, where else would you expect to post replies?

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