Animated Fauxto-painting Show – Autumn Leaves

Summary – Post combines several things: 1) Shooting familiar subjects close to home, 2) Photo walks, 3) Auto-photo-painting programs, (4) Creating animation. Most of all it’s about enjoying photography and seeing the world around you.


 1. If you can’t see good material close to home

Why do you think a trip to a far-off place will help?

You need to learn to see – not learn to travel

These images – all within 1/2 mile of my front door

2. Use your camera

It’s not some nic-nac to sit on a shelf

You need to shoot every day (or nearly so)

Took a walk on a nice autumn day – with my camera

3. I post images to a community website home page

Thought the viewers might like a change

I know that I did

Used FotoSketcher to create Fauxto-paintings

4. I normally post a single new photo each week

To make this change to paintings even more different

Residents seemed to like the change

I created the following animated-gif slide show


Nikon D800E, 24/70 2.8, circular polarizer, hand-held

12 images, 50 seconds

hh-walk 450


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