Analog Efex Pro (AEP) – A Short “Tutorial”, 1

Summary – This post (& the next) presents a suggested workflow for AEP. It also provides illustrated example results for each AEP filter. This post, together with my previous Nik tutorials, provides everything needed to be an AEP-pro. 😉


If you’re familiar with how to use Color, Silver & HDR Efex Pro

You already know how to use Analog Efex Pro

Except the “analog” details (covered in this post)

AEP’s layout and interface are

The same as the other “Efex-pro” plug-ins

Read about them in my tutorial posts

A big difference – AEP doesn’t offer Nik Control Points

Thus offers no local adjustments

(To the dismay of testers. Will Google listen? Stay tuned)


Click on any image to enlarge it



Well designed image editing programs

Are intended to be used from the Top-Down

as illustrated in this Adobe ACR screen-shot

11-3-2013 10-52-02 AM

The same is true of Nik Collection plug-ins


An AEP workflow walk-through

11-3-2013 11-00-07 AM

Step 4, in general, should be worked on from top to bottom

In fact, uncheck all of the individual filter boxes

Except the one at the top

Otherwise, the interaction among the settings is confusing

Turn them back on again – one at a time

As you finish adjusting the one immediately above


Each main camera type – classic, vintage, toy, wet plate

Is made up of filters that are available in the Camera Kit “type”

Each of the four types uses a different combination of

The kit’s 11 possible filters

11-3-2013 11-18-50 AM

Further, cameras within a given type, Toy for instance

Each use the same filters as others of the same type

This is shown in the table below

NOTE – three filters (yellow) are used for every camera and

One (pink) is unused – a holdover from an early release

You can safely use the unused L&C and save it in presets

Google assures me it won’t go away in the future

11-3-2013 12-40-12 PM

The differences between cameras of an identical type are due to

Each filter’s individual settings being varied

From camera to camera within that camera type

As shown for Toy 1 vs. Toy 3 below

11-3-2013 12-48-47 PM


Next post –

The effects produced by each Camera Kit filter


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  1. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for the update on the “bugs” associated with the Nik update. I had spent several hours the previous day trying to figure out how to fix the problem. Would never have thought Nik was the problem, well, because I wasn’t aware I had been updated. Once I reinstalled, the dll prompts went away. Once again, thanks for saving me another day of my life that Google obviously doesn’t value as much as I do.

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