Nik Collection, OnOne Suite, Topaz Collection — (part 1, whither go-est Nik?)

Summary – I’m in the process of comparing image processing tools out of concern for where Google is going with the Nik Collection. I’ve decided to compare Nik, OnOne, and Topaz. There are others , but IMO these three are comparable in terms of tools offered and all seem to cover my basic requirements.


Converted this image to B&W

001_DSC1041_071231_646_orig_lr nikblog

Used two of the three candidates under consideration

Shown are the starting (default) and a custom result for each

Neither is better – just different

Spend enough time & both customs could be made identical

My point? Either is perfectly fine

Click for full screen

11-9-2013 11-51-37 AM



Since Google bought Nik over a year ago

They’ve done nothing to improve the Collection except

Lower the price and institute an auto-update

The latter was anything but an improvement

Last week, after a year, they added Analog Efex Pro

Which is of little value to my needs (YMMV)

It is an editing toy, not a tool

Worse – that release caused serious problems for users

Which – over a week later – are still not all resolved

All of this – coupled with the extensive additions to

The Google+ on-line & cloud photography functions

Suggests that Google’s priorities & mine differ greatly

Not suggesting mine are right for Google

Just sayin’ – I’m nervous about my future

As a beta tester for many years for the Nik Collection

The difference between Nik’s interaction with testers then

and Google’s now is day-and-night

Google being in the keep-them-in the-dark camp 😦

SO –  Adding this together leads me to conclude that

It’s time to look for a possible fall-back to the Nik Collection

Occasional posts over the next several weeks

Will document what I’ve found


The real problem

What’s the problem with the Nik Collection

Nothing major; I can certainly live with it – for now

So – why the fuss?

It’s my perception of Google’s attitude

Photography for social media takes priority

Lots of signs & evidence for thinking this

This attitude along with Google’s actions (& in-actions)

Suggest that Google improvements to

The “serious pure photography” part of their software

Is unlikely – or don’t hold your breathe

All in all the Nik Collection is a small side line for Nik

The whole desktop Collection could disappear and

Not affect their bottom line

Their business & bottom line is almost entirely

On-line & in the cloud

Not on the  computer sitting on your desktop

Haven’t you heard?

Tablets & phones are tomorrow’s PC’s

So why expend resources improving desktop computing?

Not so with their competitors whose survival

Depends on their image processing programs

They continue to evolve & improve and

Are now on an almost equal footing with Nik

In a key area, they are ahead of Nik

Image processing workflow

I’ll discuss this fully in a later post

It’s the deal-maker-breaker for me



Next post – what’s important to me in image post-processing??

Choosing image processing software starts with the answer to this question

My “givens” –

Lightroom (actually ACR) is

Good enough for 99.9% of my RAW conversion needs

PSE, in combination with LR,

Suffices as a host for plug-ins

I have printing and image file management already covered, as well

Question – what processing beyond the above is needed, if any

NOTE – What fits my needs may not fit yours

But my analysis may apply – just with different answers


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4 thoughts on “Nik Collection, OnOne Suite, Topaz Collection — (part 1, whither go-est Nik?)

  1. Hello Ed
    I aggree wirh your considerations concerning NIK e.a.
    May I add another thought?
    Sometimes (eeh – very often) I think we waste a lot of precious lifetime discussing technical issues – may it be about cameras, printers or software.
    Guys like Thoreau, Emerson or Goethe used nothing else than a feather of a goose, some drops of ink and a bit of paper. They created works that endured decades or centuries. Would they have been able to withstand the temptations of all these (wonderful?) toys?
    Regarding photography – Henry Cartier-Bresson used just a simple viewfinder camera and one or two lenses. No computer. No tricks. Just his awareness for the decisive moment.

    I admit that I tend to loose myself in playing around with technical, superficial gadgets. Than I have to admonish myself:
    “Live the light”



    • Juergen – Well said and thank you very much for the reminder. I for one certainly need reminding on a frequent basis.

      It’s not the tools (the *how*) but the images (the *what*) that are important and that may endure.

      Considering my “4-C’s” – tools are only about Craftsmanship. More important are the other three – Composition, Creativity & Communication – which no tool (except the one between your ears) can help with.

    • Thanks. Not being a Mac user, I won’t be looking at this, but Mac-folk certainly can.

      Layers & control points are two different animals – obviously. Both OnOne and Topaz offer stand alone & plug-ins (as does Intensify) and layers – plus intelligent adjustment brushes which, IMO, are good alternatives to control points. Advantage OnOne & Topaz but at a significant $$ cost differential from Intensify. Readers will need to download trials & decide on their own.

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