Blog Topics – What are Your Favorites?

Summary – Just did a quick stat survey to see what topics on this blog are most read. No real surprises.


I don’t care much how many “likes” a post gets

To me, it’s not a good measure of subject interest

Especially when some folks “like”

Multiple posts – all within a 2-3 minute interval

Lots of serious reading that 😦

I want to know how many times a post is read – liked or not

Simply because that’s a clue to

Topics I might devote more space to


Just fooling around with grungy texture overlays

Roll Mouse

001_DSC8366_lrblog 001Untitledblog

Autumn, Jackson Hole, Wyoming


Keep in mind that my first topic priority is (as I’ve said often)

Documenting things of interest/importance to me

This blog is a journal of “notes to myself” first & foremost

Readership & likes take a back seat to the journal 😉


And, so what, dear readers, have you been reading?

Since the beginning of time (three years ago in this case)

1. # of posts – over 1265

2. # of views – nearly 420,000

3. # of subscribers – about 350 (nearly 600 incl. social media sites)

Each year, readership has risen nicely over the previous year

In terms of topics

Nik software post “reads” dominate –

Slightly over 33% of the total all time views

Even though they’re less than 1% of the total posts

Probably due to my tutorials being

A valuable reference (as good or better than Nik’s)


Of the total posts since the beginning of time

I looked at the ones with 400 or more reads –

  • There were 131 (of over 1250 total)
  • They comprise almost 57% of the total reads
  • 78 of these 131 are Nik topic related
    • Comprising 1/3 of the blog’s total all time reads
  • The highest single number of visits was to the blog’s home page
    • About 1 in 10 visits start there (41,000)
    • (or at the table of contents – another 8,000)
  • In summary (roughly) –
    • 1% of the total posts published
      • Account for almost 60% of the total views
      • Sounds like a variation of the Pareto Principle
        • 80% of the effects is due to 20% of the causes
    • The remaining posts, on average, are viewed 180 times

What does this tell me?

Don’t expect much from any single post

In terms of long-term (or short) interest

The readership for a typical post is less than 200 and

Those posts are here today & gone tomorrow 😉


Miscellaneous –

The posts total in the vicinity of 1,000,000 words

That’s 10 paper back novels

Nearly 1700 comments – all answered

Actually closer to 5,000 before the spam filter does its job

Busiest time of the day (most visits) – 0700 Eastern Time (US)


A footnote –

I wrote this post several days ago.

Yesterday a blogger I respect & follow posted a similar theme

Blogging readership & content

But with more of a business/$$ slant

And much more thoughtful

Just a coincidence, but

One I see quite often

There’s only so much to write about

Before the same ground get covered again – and again


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7 thoughts on “Blog Topics – What are Your Favorites?

  1. I am learning the techy side of Photography. I am also learning photoshop. Some of your stuff is to technical for my old brain, but I absorb a small percentage of it.

    • Thanks for your thoughts. I guess techy goes with being a retired engineer – even though I wish my writing was comprehensible to all. Do me a favor & let me know when I stray too far. That would help me understand what I’m not explaining in non-techy terms & possibly even get you a do-over with a techy-to-English translation.

  2. Very impressive statistics. You are certainly doing something right.
    As a possible future topic, I think flash photography might be worthwhile. We may not use flash very often, but there are some tricks to getting it right. Nick Ide

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Nick. Not one that I’ll likely follow though – unless at some future date I get interested in flash & start using it. Right, wrong or indifferent I stick with natural light (in spite of owning two Nikon flash units). Anything that I might have to say would be taken from the posts of others – and in general, I try to write about things of personal interest (all the better topic that don’t generate millions of hits – just thousands – when Googled).

      I do have a six excellent books on flash. Walk down to my end of the street and borrow them any time you’d like.

  3. Thanks Ed,

    I understand. I have used flash from the time that it was flashbulbs. However, I am concentrating more natural light as I now have the Canon 6D with the perfectly matched Canon EF 24-105 f/4 IS lens. This camera is known for low light performance. I bought the pair for other reasons: GPS and wi-fi, plus it is a full frame camera. When traveling I do like having an board flash, which the 6D does not have. So I carry two flash units for when I do need one.

    The 6D(with lens) is remarkably sharp and covers 90% of what I need. The GPS is great but the wifi isn’t quite as usable as I wanted. I can wifi images (in the field) from the 6D to my iPhone and then wifi them to where I want them to go. I am going to smooth up this capability when I get a chance.


    • Nikon D800E here (mainly) with a built in flash (never used it). I tend to use a tripod almost always – that coupled with the D800E’s low light performance means that flash is almost never needed to my style of photography. Even with dark & moving subject matter, the D800E’s high ISO performance and wide dynamic range (check tomorrow’s post) cut the need for me to use flash to almost zero One less thing to worry about.

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