Nik Collection – A Quick Status Update

Summary – Since the release of the updated Nik Collection on 10/29 some users have encountered problems – with the collection as a whole, with the new addition Analog Efex Pro, and with the automatic update’s download system. Here’s the latest.

By now the auto-update should have installed

Version on your system

Read this post for how to check for

The version on your computer is for Win

As of yesterday Mac was stuck at

How do you know if your version is the latest?

At any point in time – you don’t, short of

1. Going to Nik’s download site

2. Download a nearly 400,000 KB file

3. Install it

4. Run the Nik Collection

5. Look at the version #

In fact, the testers are no wiser than you

Which is why I said sayonara there today

I have better ways to waste my time than

Testing versions that have already been updated

and no one bothered to tell me

Asked repeatedly for notices, to no avail

Sayonara after over 5 years

Presumably because of recent download problems

The auto download had been disabled for a time

I did steps 1 – 6 above on the 12th

Found that was downloaded

Prior to that I had It had come & gone Google said

Back to the auto download –

I didn’t update my 2nd PC on the 12th

Wanted to see when it auto-updated & with what replaced version today – the 14th

You should have gotten the same

Did you? Anyone?

There; I got that off of my chest,

Your friendly curmudgeon 😦 😉


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6 thoughts on “Nik Collection – A Quick Status Update

  1. Ed,
    Curious whether I had the Nik update, and not following your patient guidance, I looked in my Windows 7 Control Panel > Programs and Features. Choose the “Details” view, and the 5th column shows the software version number. My shows a date of 10.30.2013.

    • Your approach to finding the install version is correct. I suggested the approach of peeking at the version # in a running copy of the collection only because that works for both Win & Mac. Your Win control panel approach (the one I personally use) obviously works only for Win. I prefer not to do a lot of research to find & explain the Mac equivalent, thus the approach I described.

      Bottom line – you are still two versions behind. I wish that I could tell you whether manually downloading the latest from the Nik site is worth it, but I can’t. Google hasn’t chosen to tell anyone (that I know of) the difference from to Unless you know that you’re having problems with .5, I wouldn’t go through the trouble – may just introduce problems where there were none before. 😦

    • That’s one I’ve never heard of. But who knows what new wonders Google has for us. I don’t work for Google, nor am I even visiting their test site until I get some assurances that some procedures will change – that will happen right after hell freezes over – so I can’t even ask the question for you even if I understand the specifics which only you do. Having said that, I’m curious what Nik says (said?) when you contact their support staff.

  2. Damn, I must apologize! I was on my work computer, which I have Aperture installed on, but not the Nik Collection. No wonder it was gone, it was never there! I’m feeling kind of small right now!

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