Abstract Photos vs. Photos of Abstracts

Summary – A photo taken of abstract art doesn’t qualify as an abstract photograph. It’s a photograph of an abstract which is something entirely different. Part of my abstract photography series.

A previous post in this series

Defined what is & isn’t an abstract image

Photos are a special form of image

This post refines the previous definition

As it applies to specifically to photos

Tomorrow’s post refines it even further


David by Michelangelo

11-15-2013 7-59-35 AM

A photograph of fine art

Not a fine art photograph

Just because you photographed art

Does not make your photo itself a work of art

If you’ve attended photo competitions

You know this comes as a surprise to some 😉


For abstract art rather than fine art such as statuary

The same thinking applies


Glass Abstract Art by Dale Chihuly

11-15-2013 8-11-05 AM

This is a photograph of abstract art

Not an abstract photograph

Unlike a photo of fine art such as statuary

A photo of abstract art is harder for a judge to spot

(especially if unlimited post-processing is allowed)

But, if it’s yours, you’ll know 😉


Tomorrow, a photo of an abstract painting

Is taken a step (or 2, 3 or more) further as illustrated below

The post will consider what role

Post-processing should play

In “making” an abstract photo(?)

11-15-2013 8-37-23 AM


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