Just a Few Pretty – or not – Pictures

Summary – The local photo club is getting ready for their annual holiday party. One part of that is a slide show with three images from each member. Here are mine (plus an extra).

I didn’t have time

To over-think the image request

Quickly found 3 examples from this year’s blogs

Belatedly wished that a flower had been included

Maybe instead of the “floral swamp” (top left) image

so – I added it here


Click an image for slide show

Title/Location at lower left of each slide

Could have come up with dozens of similar sets

and – still not be done

That’s why I chose not to over think it

Good Enough


Why toss the 1st image for the flower?

The first image was more of a “take” rather than “make”

A pretty scene that didn’t require (allow?) consideration of many options

A snapshot? where composition & creativity didn’t play much of a part

It’s all about a pretty subject with nothing added by the photographer

The same shot anyone walking by would take

It doesn’t say – Made by Ed

You get the idea….


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