Point and Line to Plane …………………………………….. An Abstract Art Book by Kandinsky (free)

Summary – Wassily Kandinsky created the first pure abstract paintings. In addition to painting, he was an art theorist and taught at the Bauhaus school of art.


“People react primarily to direct experience and not to abstractions; it is very rare to find anyone who can become emotionally involved with an abstraction.” (Stanley Kubrick, film maker)

This book and a 2nd tomorrow will hopefully provide insight into

How to convey emotion in an abstract image

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11-27-2013 9-44-48 AM

Part of my series on abstract photography

Much of this book pre-dates

Visual design theory

of the type taught by Freeman Patterson and others

It’s important because of its emphasis on

Consideration of impact on the viewer

For example, some of the first writing on the effect of

Horizontal, vertical and oblique lines

Kandinsky analyzed the geometrical elements

which make up every painting

the point and the line

He did not analyze them objectively,

but from the point of view of

their inner effect on the observer [Wiki]

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4 thoughts on “Point and Line to Plane …………………………………….. An Abstract Art Book by Kandinsky (free)

  1. Hello Ed

    A really hot tip! Thank you very much.

    I love espacially the Bauhaus typography. Its a masterpiece of clarity and readability.


    • Dessau? No, but thanks for the link.

      No comparable version of the book in German is amusing since most if not all of the 900+ pages are translations from the original German (otherwise I’d have to go next door to my German neighbors – my high school German is long forgotten and I envy people who are multi-lingual)..

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