It’s That Time of the Year

Summary – A quick weekend post. We have Christmas cactus plants. One is in bloom now (with a single blossom). One of my favorite subjects.


Roll Mouse Over for a Macro View

001D300-_131129_111546__DSC8887_origblog 002D300-_131129_112024__DSC8891_origblog

A Beautiful Flower

Zero post-processing

(except cropping an inch to go from 6 x 4 to 5 x 4)

Altering nature’s beauty would be a sin 😉

It took almost an hour to make to make these two images. Well, more like a minute or two once I found out why the viewfinder (and capture) had almost zero color, contrast and focus at the start. Really weird-looking :-(. It turned out that the front element of my beloved 105 mm macro lens was no longer attached to the lens barrel & was laying inside at about a 45 degree angle. Off to Nikon repair next week after 10 years of heavy-duty.

I was able to get it back into position but it didn’t stay there long. In fact, these shots showed me that its alignment was still off. Oh well….

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