Adobe Black Friday Sale

Summary – Get Lightroom 5 and Photoshop Elements 12 at substantial discounts. PSE sale expires tomorrow (12/2) and LR on 12/7.


Click on the image to go to Adobe’s sale page

11-30-2013 9-24-14 AM

Sales end at 11:59 PM PST on the dates shown

LR 5 $149  $109

PSE 12 $99.99  $54.99

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8 thoughts on “Adobe Black Friday Sale

    • PSE does (per Adobe) 85-90% of PS. I have CS2 and never use it since PSE PLUS LR5 handle my needs just fine.

      Here’s an excellent article on the question of what PS can do & not PSE (& vice versa – scroll down to “Compare Photoshop CS6 vs. Photoshop Elements 11” – slightly out of date since the offer is for 12). The article also adds LR to the mix.

      Only you can determine whether there’s a “does & doesn’t do xyz” in that list that is essential for what you do. If you find such items, I’m sure that I & other readers would appreciate hearing back. Like, for myself, PSE’s lack of full 16 bit image processing would be a problem were it not for using LR in combination with the Nik Collection for example. A specific place where this comes into play is with HDR Efex Pro – in case you didn’t know why of the entire Collection, this one program won’t run in PSE. But that’s no reason to buy the full CS6 – HDR Efex can run stand alone and/or can be called from LR.

      Bottom line is that CS is overkill for me (and I suspect most amateurs – and pro’s even). Check it out & let us know your take on the comparison as it affects your processing. Looking forward to your reply, gg.

      • One other thought as you scan the comparison. If you see an item missing from PSE that’s important – Curves jumps right out – ask yourself whether you don’t already have Curves else where. In my case it’s in the Nik Collection in several places (CEP4 for example) and LR. So, even though it’s in PS and not PSE, that difference may not matter depending on what other programs you have and how they fit in your personal workflow. For me, even if PSE had Curves I’d never use it there – for me, PSE is simple a convenient means for compositing images, adding text and acting as a plug-in host.

        • Many years ago (pre-Lightroom) PSE was my processing program. I moved to PSCS3 when Adobe offered me a good deal to move from PSE–>PS. The following month they released PSCS4! But I digress.

          Looking at the list in the article provided I guess I would miss the “intelligent selection & masking”; I don’t use it much but when I need it I need it! Does PSE12 even have layers?

          Other research shows that PSE12 has the content aware tool. YAY. I seem to remember you can add text in PSE, true?

          Even though Adobe is deeply discounting PSE12, perhaps I should just sit tight with PSCS6. If LR5 is my “base” program, how confused with LR get if I used PSCS6, Nik Collection, and PSE12 on the same image???

          • 1st Layers – if something is not on that list (such as layers) then it’s a feature of BOTH. So YES – PSE has the same layers as PS.

            Intelligent selection & masking – since you use LR what does that PS feature do that LR’s adjustment brush used in the Auto Mask mode fail to provide? Nothing I suspect.

            Content aware – regardless of PS vs. PSE, LR has the same so it shouldn’t make a difference.

            Why would you ever use all of those on the same image? More to the point, under what conditions would more than just LR alone be NECESSARY? If you’re doing what needs to be done in camera, anything beyond LR’s capabilities might be “over-processing” rather than “post-processing” IMO. If major surgery is needed more than occasionally, lack of software post-processing features is a secondary issue. 😉

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