What Would a Judge Say?

Summary – As a reformed competitive shooter and also reformed competition judge, I’m somewhat cynical when it comes to competitions and exhibits. Today’s image is a simple commentary on the view of most who inhabit the world of competitive photography – “a flower portrayed in an image must be in its prime” and be perfect in every way. (Not! It’s just an excuse for the judge to meet the quota of eliminating 75% of the entries.)


002D300-_131201_120508__DSC9018_orig nikblog

Alas poor Yorick, I knew him….

Even “Hamlet” is past his prime, but

I’ve disguised it by the camera position

Out! (damned spot – oops! wrong play, Macbeth)

001D300-_131201_115945__DSC9015_orig nikblog

I picked this “past-prime” blossom off the plant

It was hanging over the “near-prime” blossom

Seemed a shame to waste it – so I didn’t


12-1-2013 2-55-40 PM


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5 thoughts on “What Would a Judge Say?

    • Check out tomorrow’s post where the snow is more obvious on the lead image. Also, did you notice that the snow “blows” to the left or right depending on how far left/right the mouse cursor is placed on the screen. Ahh – the wonders of modern technology 😉

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