Subject Isolation via “Macro-Plus”

Summary – Bought a new 1:1 macro lens while waiting for my 10-year old (100,000 shots) lens to be repaired. Decided to do some abstract photography related experiments with the new lens. Here’s a small gallery.


Larger than life-size macro (2:1)

The actual subject is about 1/2″ across


This is where it all begins

Not shown is the mandatory tripod

Also, there’s a circular polarizer between the 105 & the close up lens

Click image to enlarge

12-16-2013 5-54-58 PM


Click on any image for full screen slide show


The 1st gallery image shows my abstract isolation materials

The 2:1 magnification allows me to focus on small segments

The green “arc” in the 2nd image is about 1/2″ long

I’m just getting warmed up to this

Haven’t even begun to explore all the possibilities

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