Holiday Lights – Multiple Exposure Abstract

Summary – The post’s title says it all


Three shot multiple exposure – Christmas Tree

105 mm macro lens, 5-6 feet from the tree

Wide open aperture

3 shots – each out of focus to a different degree


I’m sure this would qualify as an abstract

Abstracts are everywhere 😉

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11 thoughts on “Holiday Lights – Multiple Exposure Abstract

  1. Ah, Bokeh! Wouldn’t that call for a few words about how to make it? Lens quality? Aperture quality / shapes? Other Bokeh shapes (eg hearts) created in-camera?

    • For something as simple as this image no words are needed beyond –

      1. Most importantly use the widest aperture possible on your lens; f/2.8 would be ideal but f/4-f/5.6 will work

      2. Manual focus is mandatory – throw the subject (lights here) completely out of focus. In this case, the more the lights are out of focus, the larger the glowing orbs.

      Easy-peasy 😉

      Changing the shape of the out of focus elements in camera is another story that I’ll not go into except to say it requires placing something over the front of the lens. What and how are discussed in this old post of mine –

      which, in fact, changes the shapes to hearts and include a photo of the modified lens.

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