Abstracts – Colors & Forms through Glass

Summary – A continuation of my recent series, building on earlier colors & forms by interposing cut glass between the camera & subject (still the same subject matter). The images are getting better (or at least more interesting IMO).


Larger than life-size macro

I really like this one

If I were an exhibitor, this would be an entry (I’m not)


Cut glass goblets filled with colorful objects

Macro lens, wide open aperture, focus on the glass

Tiniest movement of glass or change of focal point

Creates an entirely new image

Click on any image for full screen slide show


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Are we having fun yet? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Abstracts – Colors & Forms through Glass

      • I make fused glass in colors like this as I adore them but they do not seem to be loved by the public in general 🙂 it’s OK I have time for the right person to fall in love with one of my pieces. I adore color and that from a woman who used to wear so much BLACK before Goth made it popular 🙂

        • Maybe you’ll enjoy tomorrow’s gallery as well. Colors aren’t as vibrant as today’s and the subject matter & presentation is different as well, but – it’s still all about colors & forms. And you’re right – not the most popular style. As my wife says – an acquired taste,

          • 🙂 one I love the taste of COLOR is as the world is supposed to be but the jewelry I blogged about last night is the direction I will try so as to please the masses and not me 🙂 Look forward to what you will share 🙂

            Merry Christmas and a Very Safe and Happy Holiday Season. Stay safe if you have to travel our state is to get an ice storm tonight so I will have to prepare for that 🙂

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