Poinsettia Abstracts

Summary – Continuing my journey exploring abstract photography techniques. Today a small gallery of poinsettia leaf images – most totally unrecognizable even after I told you.


Close up shot through textured glass

Not an abstract

1:1 macro lens + teleconverter + close up lens

Maximum magnification = twice life-size

Every image is not at “max”


All of the images were shots through textured glass

The first several are recognizable as plant leaves

They were placed near or against the glass

The others are totally unrecognizable

Placed 2-3 ” behind the glass and shot out of focus

(I focused on the distorted refractions in the glass)

Click on any image for full screen slide show

Not my favorites but, hey, that’s how you learn 😉


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Are we having fun yet? 😉

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4 thoughts on “Poinsettia Abstracts

  1. I really like the latter images! I’ve been suspecting that going macro proves to be especially useful when constructing scenes for creating abstract work.

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