Abstracts – More than a Random Jumble

Summary – At the heart of the definition of an abstract is usually – No Recognizable Subject. But – if that were all of it, just a random jumble of colors and forms would qualify. Here’s a “random jumble” gallery – but not a gallery of good abstract images IMO. (Part of an ongoing experiment.)


Strictly Speaking – an Abstract

FWIW, all images made in camera (extreme macros)

As seen through the viewfinder


These images fail to satisfy (not well anyway)

The most important one of the “4-C’s” when it comes to abstracts

They fail when it comes to Composition (visual design)

Don’t know the other 3 “C’s”? Look at the blog’s masthead.

Click on any image for full screen slide show

Composition is difficult when faced with

Seemingly random juxtapositions of forms & colors

If I were a painter I’d have control

Here, I have to work with the hand dealt – more or less


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Are we having fun yet? 😉

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