Call for Abstract Images – An Exhibit

Summary – Here is the announcement for an abstract exhibit run by a friend – the 4th annual. Give it a try.

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For my friend’s exhibit, entries are not limited to

Images as they were captured in the camera

Any and all post-processing manipulation is permitted

The exhibit gallery is located

About 25 miles from Washington, DC

If your (jpeg) entry is accepted, you must deliver

A matted & framed print in accordance with the rules

There is an entry fee

Gallery space is limited to a maximum of 100 images


The exhibitor asked me if I would host a similar exhibit on this blog

I haven’t thought out the logistics, but am considering it

Probable entry rules –

Deadline March 31, 2014

Two entry categories –

1. Only minimal post-processing allowed

Limited to tonal & color contrast

2. Any & all post-processing allowed

The candidate entry (and final display) image

Are one & the same (it’s a web gallery display)

1024 pixel (long side) jpeg

via e-mail to an address provided later

Photographer retains all rights to the image

There is no entry fee

For category #1, shooting in RAW is suggested

You may be asked to submit it as proof later

IF the post-processing appears over board

(Unlikely, but I reserve the right

Which includes moving the entry to #2)

There will not be traditional 1st, 2nd, 3rd,…. awards

The best images will be designated by an

Equal Merit citation (number awarded TBD)

Unlimited space

I’ll probably display every entry as they arrive and

Place the Equal Merit images

In their own gallery after the exhibit closes

If I judge an image not to be an abstract

I’ll explain why personally

(read my earlier posts on the subject)

As an illustration, today’s featured image is an abstract

Regardless of whether you recognize the subject

Limit on number of entries per person??

Will depend on the level of interest

May stagger them at one per month per person

Allowing a max three if you jump in early

First an interest survey:

To the best of my knowledge

This would be a unique web exhibit

There aren’t many photographers doing abstracts

and even fewer web sites hosting their work

I own a 2nd WordPress blog (never used)

Its layout, sizing, etc. is designed for

Photos & Galleries

Column width is much larger than the site you’re reading

Lends itself to posting larger images

I’d probably use it if this project goes ahead

Comments, questions, suggestions are more than welcome

This exhibit is more for you than for me

Tell me what would make it a good experience


Ed K.

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