Changing Captured Image Appearance in-Camera

Summary – Using nothing more than aperture (DOF control), focus, and polarization can result in major changes to a captured image. These settings are always important; more so when using extreme macro to create abstracts.


This is image #1 below

#2 is #1 after changing reflection glare (circular polarizer)

#3 is #1 after changing aperture from wide open to f/16

#4 is #3 after changing glare (as in from 1 to 2)

Nothing was changed outside of the camera

Changes affected only how the light entering the camera was handled


Click image for full screen

12-28-2013 12-44-39 PM IMO this is one of those times when

Increased DOF (#3 & #4) is detrimental to the result


In a similar fashion

Changing the focal point yields a different image

12-28-2013 1-33-33 PM

When working with extreme macros

Keep your camera settings in mind

Each different combination yields a different image


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