A Variable Neutral Density Filter Anyone?

Summary – Neutral density (ND) filters make it possible to use shutter speeds that are slow (-er than without them). Think cotton candy water, streaming clouds, fireworks. As compared to a normal ND, a variable ND allows you to vary the amount of shutter speed slow-down to suit the subject.

Spring in the Great Smoky Mountains NP

Nice to dream about – when it was near 0° (F ) while writing this 😉

Read here – Cotton Candy Water Techniques


Today’s  opening summary at the top gives essentials of

What ND density filters are used for

For more on Variable ND read here

The main purpose of this post is to

Point you to an inexpensive Variable ND (< $15)

Something you can experiment with before spending big-$

On something you may rarely use

Here’s an excellent review of VND filters

The <$15 shown above is referred to as Cheap-O

Before laughing – note that it gets a good review

As a point of reference

Name brands (quality products) run hundreds of dollars

My Singh Ray (thin ring) is $390


Don’t forget the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries close March 31st; it’s free

Entry details are here

The gallery is here

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