A Look at Photography Improvement Blog-central

Summary – Ever wonder what my workplace at blog-central looks like? Right – I didn’t think so. I’m a hardware & software fanatic and here’s part of my proof. 😉


Here is where I spend way too much of my time


Two laptop computers (#1 Win 8.1 and #4 Win 7)

Each has an external monitor (largest, #3,  is 30″)

For a total of four screens

A single keyboard (#5) and mouse (#6) used for both PC’s

As shown by red X‘s, laptop keyboards|touchpads aren’t used

The result is one powerful virtual computer

Each PC runs UltraMon for external monitor control options

Each PC runs Synergy

Synergy enables one KB & mouse to serve both computers

Even to the point of copying and pasting

Contents of one PC’s screen to the other

(via each PC’s clipboard)

When the mouse is dragged to the far right

It eventually stops at the right edge of #4’s screen

From here, moving it left

Moves the cursor across all four screens

Stopping at the left edge of #1

Keyboard works on the screen where the cursor is

Synergy makes this collection a single virtual entity

Software – duplicate & unique programs on each PC

Storage – about 15 TB of which 12 is networked (#8)

Over nearly 300K images + multiple backups add up

There’s an UPS (#7) to keep power glitches from causing problems

Even more stuff – printers, external drives, etc. – not shown


Is all of this necessary?

You’d think all of this “stuff” would result in better posts

Just doing my bit to help the economy 😉


Enter the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries close March 31st; it’s free

Entry details are here

The gallery is here

001_DSC7286_orig acr cep4bas+ sep2lum85-1blog

One of my efforts from a few years ago – a found abstract

As seen through the viewfinder, not made in PS

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2 thoughts on “A Look at Photography Improvement Blog-central

    • Thanks. I like it. It makes many things easier and more efficient for me.

      Gotta be a tinker-er at heart to like this kinda stuff though, otherwise getting it set up and keeping the bugs at bay could be a problem.

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