Nik Collection New Update 1/21/14 – v1.1.1.0

Summary – Latest Nik Collection release is out. No new features, mainly bug fixes.

You should be seeing version v1.1.1.0 soon if it hasn’t already been downloaded to your computer via the Google automatic download.

Don’t forget, auto download only can occur when

Your host program (PS, LR, Aperture) is NOT running

If the update hasn’t downloaded & you’re in a hurry

Go to the Nik Collection site and download it manually

Use the Try now button to update (not Buy)

The reported changes were few:

  1. Updates for Intel GMA GPUs. Win/Mac
  2. SEP2: The “compare to” default is default black and white again instead of the original color image. This comes up with the Compare button, side by side preview, or split view mode.

If you’ve had issues with your graphics processor (GPU) which necessitated using the Nik Collection settings options to disable it, this update may solve your problems. Toggle the settings and check it out.

For GPU troubleshooting (and more)

Read this post of mine

There are 5 topics; GPU is #5

For the “world’s-best” Nik tutorials

Read here

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