A Fun Post-Processing Video

Summary –  Here’s a fun 3-minute video. A glamor portrait photograph makeover – before & after (and during).

I’m as fascinated by

The technical aspects of this video as by

The amazing post-processing features

The “after image” is another reminder that

What you see these days probably

Is quite different from what was captured 😉

Enjoy the show

Enter the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

No Charge; entries close March 31st

Entry details are here

The gallery is here


Zero post-processing here 😉

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8 thoughts on “A Fun Post-Processing Video

    • Esta,

      The only related info I’ve seen is in the comments on this video at the Vimeo site (click on the Vimeo logo in the bottom right corner of my post’s video to go to this comment page).


  1. The person doing the post-processing is very good. I suppose if people only knew me by my photo of Facebook, etc., I would get this done, too.

    • My thoughts exactly. And the way it was edited so that the model appears to react to the changes with a glance, lip movement after lip color was changed….

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