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Summary – Most of my time is being spent preparing a presentation on abstract art & photography. It seemed a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – working on my multi-media presentation and writing blog posts. This is the first of a series on slide shows (& beyond) – a history lesson.

How do you show your images?

Prints? Web? Slide show?

Like many, I use all three

Also, like many, my slide shows aren’t too different from

The way they’d look with a Kodak carousel projector

Just digital files instead of 35mm slides

For my upcoming Abstract Art & Photography presentation

I decided to up my game

It won’t be your father’s Oldsmobile slideshow (I hope)

Unless your father is Ken Burns maybe 😉

As I envision the presentation, an early part will be

A timeline display of the evolution of abstract imagery

Now I could do this a la Powerpoint

Bullets & Text & me talking – boooooorrrring

But – I can do better

The video that follows is my 1st (many to follow) attempt

I’m using the history of projectors as a test subject

I can save the final result as a template and

Simply plug in abstract history images & text later

Evolution of image projection –
1. Magic Lantern Projectors: 17th century; used for 3 centuries
…..Functioned similarly to 20th century slide projectors
……….Fire illuminated images painted on glass slides and projected them onto a flat surfaces
2. Electric Slide Projectors: early 20th century
…..The Kodaslide projector , 1937, displayed color Kodachrome film slides
……….Placed manually into the projector one at a time
3. Carousel Slide Projectors: 1950’s
…..Discontinued  in 2004
……….Due to the popularity of digital photography
4. Digital Projectors: an ongoing story


As I said, version 1, a work in progress

For comparison, here’s how this might have

Looked & Sounded 20 years ago with 35mm slides and

A carousel projector


Everything except the dust spots on the slides and

The flickering bulb, but

Those could be added easily, as well

To complement the fan and slide changer audio


Enter the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries close March 31st; it’s free

Entry details are here

The gallery is here

11-19-2013 10-29-31 AM

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2 thoughts on “Image Display – Modern Day Slide Shows

  1. I want to thank you for your blog entries on the zone system. Well done. I shoot using spot metering to zones of known tonal values, and I’ve been looking for editing tools to help take things post-processing to where I visualized. I haver been using Lightroom 5 and PSE, but recently purchased the Nik tools, not knowing that they have tools specifically designed to help this process. I will be looking more at silver efex pro to help with B&W photos, but I’d like to find an add on to Lightroom that separates tonal regions, and even allow you to select tonal regions (which is somewhat possible with silver efex through control points, but doesn’t seem to let you do anything but see the selection of a zone’s values). I’d like to see something in lightroom that at least separates the histogram into zones, but selective zone adjustments or tonal region adjustments would be awesome. I guess the closest thing might be the magic wand tool in PS / PSE. Anyway, thanks for your blogs on it, I found it a good read.

    Ron I

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