Slide Show Effects for Photos – Motion

Summary – When many hear “slide show”, their minds immediately think PowerPoint – unless they’re photographers. Photographers are apt to think Ken Burns (or not).

Slide show programs are replete with features

Among the most popular (to the point of being overdone) is

Image motion (blame Ken Burns 😉 )

Future posts will illustrate many more of these features


Panning across an image, aka The Ken Burns’ Effect

Photos are mine, not Ken’s

Two still photos used (Grand Tetons & Shenandoah NP)


Modern slide show programs

Make adding motion, even complex motion, relatively easy

The next (9 sec) video is an example of what is possible

The focus is on the what (the effect)

Not the how (the specific program used)

Nor “why would you ever do this?

The possibilities are limited

Only to your imagination

Done with just two still images

One remains still and serves as a background

The wheel appears to move across the screen and

The spokes rotate (but recall there’s only one image)

It also grows in size as it moves

Further, this wheel is transparent and

Reveals the background as it moves

Use your imagination to come up with applications for this

A background (still or not), together with

A (partially transparent) foreground

What possible applications are there?

Maybe the foreground is a picture frame for a background?

Is that all (the best) you can think of? Hope not.

Why use motion (hopefully not just 😉 to show off)?

It adds interest & reduces boredom is one reason

But – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

At least not all of the time

Although the previous examples may seem trivial

They demonstrate a small part of what is possible

You can’t create new & interesting videos

IF you don’t know what’s possible and

How to pull it off


My previous slide show post’s video

(made with a photo slide show program)

Used motion extensively


More to come….

Layers & masks aren’t used just in Photoshop

That wheel was

A layer which was used as a mask

In a slide show producing program

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