Photojournalism, Photoshop & Ethics

Summary – To Photoshop or not, that is the question. If you’re a photojournalist, the answer is simple – NOT. Here’s a recent example – one that lost a Pulitzer prize winner his job.


I doubt if a single reader of this blog is a photojournalist

However, we all at least dabble in Photoshop

That makes this short story interesting for all of us

Click on the image for

AP’s story on this photograph

They severed ties with the Pulitzer prize winner, and

Removed all (nearly 500) of his photos from their archives


© 2014  AP Photo/Narciso Contreras

Over reaction?

Read the AP article before deciding

Credit to the photographer

He “turned himself in” knowing full-well the consequences

A surprise to me in what I view as

An ethically challenged world

Kudos, Narciso Contreras


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D300-_120126_114402__DSC8055_orig cep4bas

Part of my Strange New Worlds series

I removed not a single bubble while making this, honest 😉

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