Earthrise – Where’s that Color Film?

Summary – NASA released a new video on the 45th anniversary of Apollo 8’s historic first-ever trip to the moon – featuring the 1st view of earthrise.


The astronaut’s capture of earthrise

“Where’s the color film? Hurry….”

A – “I can’t see it anymore“…. L -“Here it is over here

“Take a couple of different settings to be sure….”

Had to represent the ultimate in the question from film-days

“Did it come out?”

Surprisingly, in NASA’s down-to-the-second mission planning

Seeing & shooting the earthrise wasn’t on the agenda

The video shows that the timing, sighting & capture

All were almost accidental



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Part of my Strange New Worlds series

My equivalent of earthrise

(Captured in camera; not manufactured in PS)

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