Yet Another Technique for Making Abstracts

Summary – Making abstract images using a “bubble sandwich” – a work in progress.

Making a bubble-sandwich abstract setup

Get two pieces of flat textured glass

Make a thick bubbly mix from soap and water

Place the bubbles on one sheet of glass

Cover with the 2nd sheet

Support your “sandwich” on glasses or boxes

6-12 ” above your work surface

Place colored objects or paper on the work surface

Macro lens & tripod completes the setup


This is a work in progress

Just thought of giving it a try this morning

(since then have two band-aids on my fingers 😦 )

I’m going to try other liquid combos – maybe water & oil

and different glass textures

(try a stained glass supply house to get your glass)

As of this moment

I’m not too impressed with the results, but

See lots of potential

Makes for an interesting indoor rainy day project

See this post for variations on this theme

Apart from Nik tutorials

This is by far my most viewed post

Enter the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries close March 31st; it’s free

Entry details are here

The gallery is here


Another bubble-sandwich abstract

Where would we be without creativity?


145-1113tm-vector2-174277 😉

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