Slide Show Effects for Photos – Motion Timing

Summary – Modern slide shows typically contain multiple image layers. These layers are programmed to move in order to provide the illusion of motion. Timing the moves is “the trick”.


Figure 1 shows the 4 layers used in this short show

Higher layers in a stack hide whatever is below them

Unless the layer is a mask with transparent areas

The top three images are masks

Masks hide anything behind their opaque areas

Here, the car hides/reveals the city as it rolls along


Figure 1


Figure 2 show the timing steps for the show

The time steps occur at the same time for all four layers, but needn’t

#1 & #4 are the times for the start and end of the show

#2 & #3 are times I added to

Momentarily stop & restart the motion


Figure 2


Figure 3 is a more informative view of the timing & motion

If you scan down the center column

You’ll see where each layer is located as time progresses

The motion between time-steps is smooth & continuous

The car starts far left, ends far right, stops briefly en route

Look at the skyline

I moved if from right to left as the car moves

That’s what happens in real-life

Click image for full screen2014-02-09_7-16-47

Figure 3


Here is the resulting video

NOTE – it is shown twice

1st – the developer’s view, per Figure 3

To test & confirm the motion is as planned

2nd – the audience’s view, i.e. the final video

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Eight tiny multicolored slinkies

In a cut glass goblet (but you knew that 😉 )

Wide open macro lens, almost zero depth of field

Making an abstract? Learning to isolate is important.

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