Another Exhibit Entry – A Beauty

Summary – Keep those entries coming.

Here is the

Exhibit Call for Entries

Enter and join in the fun


Here is today’s entry

Click  for full screen image at the Exhibit Gallery

Beautiful, but subtle, features needs full screen to appreciate

“Elements” © 2014 by Geri Brown (USA)


Our gallery of nations2014-02-05_8-35-22

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2 thoughts on “Another Exhibit Entry – A Beauty

    • I thought so, too. Surprisingly I got a private email from a reader who thought that expressing my opinion (A Beauty) was inappropriate since I am a “judge” and may bias others. If this exhibit were something other than what it is – a more or less private small-time blog experiment – there might be merit in the comment, but in this case I told the person I didn’t agree.

      Are you enjoying the snow? Measured a foot in the driveway.

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