Abstract Basics – A Video

Summary – The 3/4/14 date for my program on abstract photography is drawing near. Here is the “first draft” of part 1 of my 3-part program – Abstract Basics.



This video is a “first-draft”

Needs a small bit of polishing

Questions remain related to the background music

1.Should there be any?

2. Are the Bach fugues a good choice?

Part 3, abstract images, is mostly complete

Part 2, how to make abstracts, will be completed this week

Then – polishing & fine tuning

Wish me luck 😉

Enter the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries close March 31st; it’s free

Entry details are here

The gallery is here


Eight tiny multicolored slinkies

In a cut glass goblet (but you knew that 😉 )

Wide open macro lens, almost zero depth of field

Making an abstract? Learning to isolate is important.

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6 thoughts on “Abstract Basics – A Video

  1. Ed, Very well done on the video. I do like the music in the background. I like to use Bach for videos. His work provides a non-intrusive grounding while concentrating on the visual. Looking forward to Part 2.


    • Thanks for the feedback, Nick.

      I need to experiment with volume settings between the voice-overs and the background music, but it’s coming along.

      Parts 2 & 3 (the final version of 1) will be posted after the program at NVPS on 3/4/14.

  2. Ed: Like the video and the music. I think the volume settings are good, as I think background music should be just that – background. One minor comment: at approx 1:55 there is two ‘the’ in the definition. Waiting for pt.2 and 3.

  3. Enjoyed Part I and look forward to the other 2 parts.
    When presenting images with the percentages, the initial slide that explains that the following images were voted YES as abstracts goes by very quickly. ##% yes under each image could be redundant, but would make the point clear. Or perhaps I was not paying attention to the intro slide. :>)

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