World Press Photo of Year Winner Does Abstracts

Summary – I went to the personal website of the recently announced 2014 World Press Photo of the Year winner. To my surprise, under a site section labeled Personal Projects, were 71 abstract images of trees.


Click on the image to read the World Press announcement


© 2014  John Stanmeyer


That image is nice enough 😉

But I found abstract images like this next one

(Under “Personal Projects” on his website)

More interesting –

A photojournalist doing abstracts for personal work

Who would have guessed


Click on the next image to visit his website

Use your left/right arrows to scroll through all 71 images

Some are more representational than others

But – almost all are abstracts in my mind using the definition

Not portrayed in a manner normally seen



Enter the International Abstract Photography Exhibit

Entries close March 31st; it’s free

Entry details are here

The gallery is here

03_DSC5777_orig_pwp stack all14_nx nik-cep_resize sep2-1

I do abstract trees, too


….. D300_081027_083309__DSC6759_nx D300_080929_084721__DSC5289_nx

_DSC1508_292_orig_022_nx2 cep

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4 thoughts on “World Press Photo of Year Winner Does Abstracts

  1. Ed, Thank you for finding these tree abstracts. When I look at his work for National Geo, Time etc and then look at his tree abstracts, I feel renewed. I’ll look through my collection with a different eye. Thanks! Sarah

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