OT – Keeping Track of Time

Summary – Do you find yourself needing a timer while working at your desk? Here are two (of many) that are handy. Motivated by my program deadline.

Here’s a timer that you can customize

Use it to count down

Days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds

Until some event


Click inside the box to go to the timer site and make your own2014-02-18_6-11-52

As of 6:12 AM today

Running 24/7 in a browser window to keep me focused

Geez! Time’s getting short….

The program is done in the sense that I could give it as is right now

But – I’ll feel better about it after a bit of spit & polish


This next one is a more conventional timer

BUT – it’s found in the most unlikely place

In a Google search Box

(must use Google, not Bing or some other)

Try it as illustrated in the following short video –


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The gallery is here

Oblique Smoke

No Smoking

A surprising merit winner that I entered more as a “throw away”

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