Capture NX-D (D? Disappointing or Downgrade)

Summary – Nikon released a beta version of Capture NX-D, a new RAW processing program. It will replace Capture NX2 – probably this summer.

001D300-_140226_104451__DSC0591_orig LR2 nikblog

A hydroponic tulip shot yesterday

No Nikon software used for this image

(and not long ago that is all I used)

LR5 and Nik Collection Color Efex Pro

Do you think this qualifies as an abstract?

Now that my abstract photography presentation is complete

I can turn my attention to other things

Like this program

My opinion of Nikon software is pretty low

The sole exception being the original Capture NX

(which they hired Nik to do over 6 years ago 😉 )

The original Nik version contained U-Point technology

U-Point is what made Capture NX second-to-none

U-Point will be missing from NX-D

(A licensing issue I suspect)

Which takes NX-D a step backwards IMO

Making the “D” either Disappointing or Downgrade

But Nikon had to do something or be left behind

6 years is several lifetimes in software 😦

NX-D appears to be less a replacement for Capture NX-2

Than a new version of Nikon’s View NX2

I’m hoping for the best

But my expectations are lower than low

I believe, as before, Nikon’s RAW conversion

Will do a better job on NEF files than its competitors

Nikon lens related adjustments, for example

Plus White Balance related color issues

However, any processing beyond the pure conversion

Will be done better elsewhere

NX-D has no option for local adjustments

And even conversion differences

Will be small (invisible) for most images

The competitors have caught up to Nikon

Who’s been standing still

Good news – it will be free

Bad news – Capture NX2 will no longer be supported

Check it out yourself

News release

Main page & download


Prepare to be disappointed

if you’re a Capture NX2 user

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