New Visions Everywhere (maybe not at Yosemite)

Summary – Back on my “Make images not previously seen” kick. Everyone’s seen the Half Dome & El Capitan images from your Yosemite trip. Why not try some new visions? Something unlike everyone else’s. 😉


One good thing about the unusually cold winter is

Lots of time for indoor photography

It’s easy, with macro gear, to

Make images never seen before

Now folks may not wish to ever see them again, but

That’s their problem, not yours, if

You shoot for yourself




How about if we turn on the iPad and then

Use it for a colorful out of focus background?

or – Add textured glass between the iPad & camera?

and then – Place a subject between glass & iPad?

or – Use the iPad screen’s display + glass for a “painting“?

and, or,…. Endless possibilities

Enough to last until the spring thaw

Stay tuned

More to come

Whether you want to see them or not 😉

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2 thoughts on “New Visions Everywhere (maybe not at Yosemite)

  1. Had never thought of placing the subject atop an iPad. Enjoying the abstractions.

    • It occurred to me when I saw some photos of drinks reflected in black marble – and I wondered where I could find some marble & then it hit me.

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