Your Image – When is “Good” Good Enough?

Summary – I once wrote a post with this identical title. The answer to the question is still the same.

If you missed that post or

You’ve forgotten the answer

Read it here.


My wife does newsletters, websites, posters, etc.

For community organizations

When she goes to meetings

She uses a simple 6-year-old point & shoot for photos

Auto-everything, jpeg, low resolution

Good enough for on-line under 800 pixel long side images?

You bet!

When she makes large (24×36) posters & programs

She brings out the big gun

That would be me and my D800E 😉


I’m the tech guy around here

When she brings home an image

I do a 5-10 minute post-processing job

And the result is more than good enough

For internet low-res display

Case in point – what I just finished for one of her newsletters

Modern post-processing tools are magical

Before & After LR5


Good Enough

Click image for 1600 pixels wide (the above is 450 pixels)

The actual version is 3,648 wide

Better than good enough for this small-scale web display


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