ATTENTION! attention! Are you paying attention?

Summary – What does PIB (Photography Improvement Blog) have in store for you today?

Three more international abstract exhibit entries

These from Netherlands, UK and Belgium

That’s what 😉


I’m still exploring the role of a post’s title & summary on readership levels

But – Gotta’ be careful of the “Boy who cried wolf” trap

Here are today’s entries (in the order received)


Click  images for full screen at the Exhibit Gallery


“Shattered Glass” © 2014 by Cor Ritmeester (The Netherlands)


“Microcosm” © 2014 by Phil Richards (UK)


“Sky of Sand” © 2014 by Patrick Fontaine (Belgium)


Here is the

Exhibit Call for Entries

Enter and join in the fun

If your nation isn’t highlighted below – fix that 😉



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