A Non-representional Image – What’s that About?

Summary – It’s about the three images I have for you today.

If you haven’t followed this blog

Non-representational is another word for abstract

I didn’t use abstract in the post’s title

Since that drives viewers away 😉


Still exploring the effect of a post’s title & summary

On readership levels

Here are today’s entries (in the order received)


Click  images for full screen at the Exhibit Gallery


“Bastikiya Sodium” © 2014 Ken Thomson (United Arab Emirates – American Expat)

Rêverie en couleur (Daydreaming in Color) © 2014 by Gaston Bessette (Canada)

“Pitcher” © 2014 by Dan Holahan (USA)


Here is the

Exhibit Call for Entries

Enter and join in the fun

If your nation isn’t highlighted below – fix that 😉


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