Danny Boy – To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Summary – Something to bring tears to the eye….



Danny Boy as you’ve never heard it before

Still mournful & beautiful though

But from the other side of the world


Click the image for the performance

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Danny Boy

The melody may be familiar

The words, which you almost certainly won’t understand,

Are not familiar

Except for the sad tale they tell

(and the island is Okinawa, not Ireland)

Translation to English:

Beloved child of mine,

From beyond the skies is heard the voice of the flute calling to you.

Summer has passed, the flowers of the season have fallen.

You are preparing for the journey to distant lands.

Through the summer when the grasses and flowers bloom and peak,

Through the winter when the north winds bluster and blow, here on this island I’m always waiting for you.

Beloved child of mine, o beloved child of mine!

I’m watching and waiting for you to return, gentle and brave.

As the seasons turn and you finally come home to the island of your birth, 

Though you may no longer see my form, 

my love for you is true through eternity.

With your gentle voice, call to me!

Beloved child of mine, o beloved child of mine!

Beloved child of mine, o beloved child of mine!

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