Visual Arts Books for Photography Improvement

Summary – Unless you just bought your first camera, you don’t need a(nother) book on exposure and focus. In fact check this blog’s table of contents – all of that info is there in excruciating detail. For what you should read, read on….

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Kandinsky Made Me Do It

From the camera, not from Photoshop

What? How? Curious?

Probably not unless you’ve acquired a taste for abstracts

Good photos require more than good technical skills

Modern digital cameras are so good

You actually have to try to mess-up in order to

Make a technically bad photograph

A good photo, in the technical sense,

Is on one hand – easy to make

On the other – a pretty low goal for a photographer

If you’re into competitions

It’s just the first hurdle (of four), Craftsmanship

How about Composition, Creativity, & Communication?

That’s up to you and not the camera

Moving beyond a technically competent photo

It takes study and practice – lots & lots of practice

For the most part, don’t bother with photography books

Study the master painters and view their work

Composition via osmosis πŸ˜‰

Not via a book of rules (1/3’s 😦 )

Learn (read) how your brain works when it comes to

Vision and emotion

Your camera will take care of the rest if you let it

Else, this blog’s TOC will lead to all you need – and more

No emotion = Ordinary image (regardless of technical proficiency)

If you are a by-the-numbers, by-the-book person

Your images will rarely

Reach out and touch someone – even yourself

Have you ever gotten choked up (I’m serious)

While looking through the view finder

Even with an inanimate subject or scene?

Yes? – then you know what I’m talking about

No? – you never will have feel emotion

As long as your f/stop is foremost in your mind


Speaking of emotion –

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ 😦 😐 :/ πŸ™„



Somewhere to start your study –

Β A few examples from on my bookshelf


Note the bookends

The Louvre & a Neuroscience Nobel Prize Winner

Highlighted at top

A definitive work on Seeing2014-03-18_10-20-58

Just added this week (thanks to a suggestion by Guy Tal)


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