Digital Asset Management (DAM) – Image Retrieval

Summary – Being able to find an image quickly, in a collection of over 200K, is my main reason for using a DAM program. I can find what I’m looking for in seconds >90% of the timeΒ  – a minute or two worst case, but never ever never.


00122_a dscn3325_nc4-dlite_pwp-clrbal-1_pse_pwp-cropblogStepping Out

A quick retrieval

Want to know create this effect?

A short & simple explanation is here


Images – Over 200,000

Music – Over 4,000 tracks

Documents – Nearly 2,000 books, manuals, tax returns, etc.

My DAM program of choice is IMatch

Data Retrieval

This isn’t going to be an image retrieval tutorial series

A simple internet search will provide that

Instead, as I work my way through the upcoming

New release of IMatch

I’ll show examples of what is possible

And ask –

Can your image organizer do this?

Click on any image below for a larger view


1. Find a set of images based on location?


Basic & easy for almost any image organizer.



2. How about a subset of those images?

Those that depicted winter scenes?

Now it’s getting a bit trickier

2014-03-24_14-25-423. How about a subset of the winter scenes?

Three of those scenes had man-made structures?

Can you eliminate them?


2014-03-24_14-28-374. Can you refine the search even further?

The far right image above has geese (fauna) in it

Can you eliminate fauna?


5. Now – how about adding a special case

After all of the above, I’d like to also include

Any “Out-of-Frame” images




Maybe a bit contrived, but this illustrates

Retrieval flexibility

Each step shown above was the result of

A drag & drop step that took maybe 5 seconds

And – the subsequent retrieval took another five

Not only flexible, but fast

One last thought, if you’re a Lightroom organizer fan

The image files & database are on a network drive

Network drives aren’t allowed in LR

I can access this from any computer in the house

And – remotely via the internet

Do that in LR πŸ™‚

Now – imagine winnowing out that same set of four

From over 200K image files

Same sequence of steps & the same (roughly) time

Can your image organizer do this??

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