Wandering with The Bronx Wanderers

Summary – Monday evening I wandered out of my comfort zone – as in a slow, methodical outdoor nature photographer shooting an indoor rock & roll concert. Take a look at the preliminary results.

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A Concert by The Bronx Wanderers

D800E-_140331_195557__DSC2213_orig LR2


I went to a rock and roll concert Monday evening

Being a child of the 50’s (HS class of ’55, college ’59)

I was in my element

until I decided to do photos for the sponsoring group

My D800E’s performance in an event setting had me curious


I’m reasonably satisfied with the photos

I am not happy with the slide show video 😦

I like the high energy BUT the in-focus photos are all blurry

I’m posting it (reluctantly) as a 1st draft

and will post a better version (hopefully) in a few days



Out of my element – A partial listing

#1. Hand held

I use a tripod 99.99% of the time

#2. Natural light

Cool – that’s me 100% of the time

But – wait; it’s in a dark auditorium & no flash photos

#3. Subjects are people

People are in my photos – like almost never

Unless they walk into my shot



So what did I do (had a great time)

Β #1. Left the tripod at home

D800E with pro lens was heavy but manageable

#2. Disabled the flash

Set the ISO at 3200; not a big issue with the D800E

Kept shutter speed at 1/100 or better via aperture

Used a fairly fast 24-70 f/2.8 lens

It was pretty dark

Exposure increased in post-processing

Totally hides that fact

I was after visibility, not realism

#3. Pretended everyone was a flower

No really not a big deal

Just not my 1st choice of subject matter

Keep out of the dancers’ way & be inconspicuous


Do I getting a passing grade for my 1st attempt or

Should I stick to my day job? πŸ˜‰

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7 thoughts on “Wandering with The Bronx Wanderers

  1. Ed, the signal is Bravo Zulu! Great job in capturing the mood of the evening.

    Well done!

    • Thanks. The audience loved the group so maybe we’ll have them back in 2015. That would give me a 2nd chance to see if old dogs really can’t learn new tricks.

  2. Ed, nice edit – with good movement. I’d forgive any focus issues based on what I saw. You got good angles on all the performers. Do you use iMovie? One thing though, you could remove that “hum” throughout with a free program “Audacity”, or probably some other audio editing softw., make the audio track cleaner. Looked like a good time and I’m sure the attendees will really love this video!
    I especially love your comment -“Pretended everyone was a flower.”

    • Ken, Thanks for the helpful feedback. I need all of the help I can get in this arena.

      I’m a PC person and the program was Proshow Producer. The blame isn’t all on them. I tried their “Wizard” and asked for a high energy show (I normally roll my own but didn’t want to take the time needed). High energy I guess translated into all of the movement and that, coupled with too many images (57) crammed into the song’s short time never gave a shot long enough to sit still so that it looked focused. Tomorrow’s post shows what I meant by sharp.

      I have Audacity but didn’t use it here. Just recorded with a mic straight sitting on the desk from a YouTube session playing on a laptop speaker. No post-record editing 😦 . Odd about the hum – others mentioned the same thing on videos of mine so I’m sure it’s there – my old defective ears don’t notice it. Guess I’ll have to always assume it’s there and deal with it even though I don’t hear it.

      Again, thanks….

      • Ken, I took your advice and looked at the recording’s waveform in Audacity. My ear’s may not work well, but my eyes saw clearly what you meant (during the silent lead-in before the recording began). I removed the noise but haven’t redone the video yet. I’ll do that when I remove a few slides so that it’s still high energy but not out-of-control energy.

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