A Report on DSLR State-of-the-Art

Summary – When a photographer I respect writes about the D800E, a camera I own, it gets my attention. When he shows a very surprising sample photo, he really gets my attention.

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Here’s the photo I mentioned © Ming Thein

Click here to read his lens review  related to the photo

Click the image for an enlarged detailed view of moon craters


Now you may be wondering “What’s the big deal?”

My answer – Could you do the same?

Yes? Really? How about

Hand held using a normal field of view (50mm) lens – not a zoom?

I’d be surprised if many of us could

Even with a 36 MP D800E + Ming’s $4000 Zeiss lens


The above image is a 100% crop from this next image

Now are you suitably impressed?

The detail from the D800E + Zeiss lens is amazing



I came across that photo while reading

Ming’s article on why after two years of usage

The D800E is now this top-flight pro’s

Camera of choice

Makes me feel better about my decision 😉

While I can’t even come close to the moon crater photo

Here’s what you can expect as a rank amateur

D8ooE + Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8

User totally out of his element

In the dark – literally

Clueless (& flashless)


Part of my slide show from yesterday

I complained about blurry video from sharp stills

This is an example of what I was complaining about

The camera & resulting captures were fine

The program that made the video – not so fine

The capture

2014-04-02_13-45-17 LR2

A 100 % crop of his watch

2014-04-02_13-45-50 LR2

Using the following camera settings


Note that we’re close on time between watch & camera


Like I implied – two different leagues being compared

But the D800E is still pretty amazing

Even with an amateur shooter and non-ideal conditions

Ming’s image & mine agree on

Camera make/model, hand-held, focal length

and not much else including sharpness of the result

but – you get the idea, I hope

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4 thoughts on “A Report on DSLR State-of-the-Art

      • After 40 years of photography in all fomats, including 4×5 inches Linhof, and with different brands, the EM1 meets my needs best of all. Maybe other cameras have a higher resolution or less “grain” – that´s not important for me. I´m using the EM1 now since January and I couldn´t find any flaws. I never wanted to spend a penny for an amateurish MFT-gadget but the Olympus made me change my mind the first moment I held it in hands.

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