Your Most Used Lens, Apertures & Focal Lengths?

Summary – Do you know which lenses you use most? Which apertures? Focal lengths? How much these answers depend on your subject matter? Use a good Digital Asset Manager (DAM) and the answers are right at your finger tips almost instantly.


Expensive Image

Cost me an 18-200 lens to make this shot

(Good news is it was a crummy lens and I’m glad to be rid of it)

My Data

Images – Over 200,000

Music – Over 4,000 tracks

Documents – Nearly 2,000 books, manuals, tax returns, etc.

This post is based on

A small (20%) subset of the total data

Can your image organizer do this?

My DAM program of choice is IMatch


1. Show photo counts by camera used?

I queried specifically for my Nikon cameras


Figure 1


2. How about an even more specific query

a. Only the D800E, and

b. Only photos while on vacation or at Shenandoah National Park


Figure 2



Figure 3


Why would you ever ask questions like this?

How about if you’re going to shoot a specific location or subject

And – you’d like to know which

Camera and lens combo would be most useful

And – if you’re like me

You’d rather not drag along everything you own

For example, Figure 1 shows that I use the D300 a lot

Suppose I were doing a vacation or Shenandoah trip

If I took only the D300,

What lenses should I take with it?


Figure 4

The answer based on Figure 4 is obvious

Especially knowing the 18-200 was broken in half

On a vacation to Acadia (check it out; impressive)

The 18-70 and 75-300 will cover 99% of my needs, and

Between the two they cover for the broken 18-200

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