The Bronx Wanderers Revisited

Summary – I recently posted a video made from still images I captured at a concert. I took some time to redo that video.



A Concert by The Bronx Wanderers

I redid the video because even though

The stills were reasonably in focus & sharp

As shown by this 100% view of the watch above

2014-04-02_13-45-50 LR2

The resulting video was blurred by comparison IMO


So – where did I go wrong?

I placed the still images (58 of them) into a slide show program

I had the program create

The highest quality HD video possible

Further I used a wizard to

Give this video lots of energy

Slide movements and fancy-pants transitions

The show’s duration was synced to

A 3:21 audio recording

(which itself had a distracting low-frequency hum

removed in Audacity, an audio editor)

The basic problem with the above setup was

Too many fast-moving parts

Solved by –

Removing 1/3 of the images

They were similar to others and

Added little (detracted, in fact)

Thus images could move much slower

50% more time to move

And reducing the energy level a little bit


Those two solution steps gave an improved product

You can see this same video larger without going full screen

Better viewing experience IMO – go here



Here’s the original

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