HDR – How it Works & How to Use it Properly

Summary – The clearest explanation of how HDR works I’ve seen. Also uses that explanation to demonstrate why many HDR images look so, well HDR-ish (as opposed to natural).

Another great post

by Ming Thein – a good photographer who is

An even better writer

To be expected if you attended Oxford at 16 πŸ˜‰

I won’t dwell on my feelings about HDR (not all positive)

Ming pretty much says it all

(BUT – if you really want more – here are my 60 HDR posts)


Read his excellent article by clicking on this image

(and learn about dynamic range & zone system at the same time

2014-04-14_9-18-19Β© Ming Thein



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2 thoughts on “HDR – How it Works & How to Use it Properly

  1. Ed, Excellent article by Mr. Thein. His discussion of the Zone System reminded me of my old Black & White darkroom days.
    Burning and dodging (with a single negative) was about the only way to increase the dynamic range. Of course, if it wasn’t “in” the negative, there wasn’t much you could do.

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