Landscape Themed Exhibit – Any Interest?

Summary – The abstract exhibit is over. An entrant suggested a follow-up exhibit: landscapes. How many are interested?


Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

A Landscape? Yes.  An Intimate Landscape

From a 2007 trip to California – Sequoia National Park

It has been suggested that I host a Landscapes Exhibit

I believe that would draw more entries than

The recently completed Abstracts Exhibit

Possibly more than I’m able to handle

I’m willing to consider it, but with entry limits; maybe as follows

One per person

Deadline in 60 days or

Until 100 entries are received

Whichever comes first

To add to the challenge, the landscapes

Must not include the hand of man (HOM)

Read here if HOM is new to you

Today’s post’s feature image follows this rule

Based on the Abstract Exhibit (where some voting bias was seen)

Entries will be identified initially by a number only

This assumes that after entries close

There will be Equal Merit & Viewers’ Choice selections

 The images should be judged on their own merit

Not who made them or

What clever image title was given


Let me know what the interest level is

No’s as well as Yes’s are invited

They tell me something about this blog’s readership


If  you chose Yes in the Interest Poll,

Would you like your image “scored” (critiqued)?

Scoring would be based on 0 through 4 in four areas

1. Craftsmanship

2. Composition

3. Creativity

4. Communication

For a perfect score of 16

An image that’s average in all four areas gets an 8

And so on

Each image would be shown with

Four scores (one per area) and a total

And maybe optional comments


If there’s enough interest,

I’ll post entry information in a few days

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4 thoughts on “Landscape Themed Exhibit – Any Interest?

  1. Would be lovely to see a Landscaped themed exhibit on your blog. Don’t worry though – I will not participate and will spare you from the enthusiasm of my family.

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