Summary – The good news: two entries within the 1st 5 hours. The bad news; one was wrong on two counts. 😦


Be original

You don’t have to travel far (above – walking distance from home)

Chances are if you do make that special trip to a photo icon

It’s to capture the same image as 1000’s of others – not original

I’d rather not see half-dome again 😉

Also, try showing your subject, whatever it is, using a creative eye

And not the same composition style that everyone else might use

Get down in the weeds (or cat-tails as the case might be)

Don’t be afraid of getting wet or dirty or both

Give the viewer something to view

It’s the viewer’s eye that should travel; not the photographer

Let’s try this ONE MORE TIME –

The entry rules are simple

If something is confusing, PLEASE let me know

A large percentage of the previous Abstract Exhibit entries

Had problems with not following simple rules, most often

1 – Sent to the wrong address

Just because you know another of my addresses,

DO NOT use it (11 abstract entries)

Use the one below

2 – Incorrect image size (pixels on long side)

14 of 78 abstract entries

I want 1024 pixels on long side

3 – other problems (4)

Life is too short (29 entries to “fix!!”)

May not seem like much, but it adds up


So – new exhibit & one of the 1st two entries was this next one –

Shown is the full size image

320 pixels high – and not 1024 as called for

Here’s a tip –

Include the image as an actual attachment

If you simply embed it in the body of the e-mail,

Your e-mail program may shrink it (or not)

A word to the wise….

Also – look at the right side of the image

Images are NOT to contain the hand-of-man (HOM)

Sorry if you think otherwise, but that is the HOM

The path|road|trail|whatever was made by man

It doesn’t have to be paved to be so

Let this be your general guideline – if man had been involved with anything in the image, it will not qualify

Don’t think “it’s incidental” to the story makes it OK

Anything means anything


Nit-picky maybe BUT most exhibits even would consider the row of trees HOM as they obviously didn’t “spring-up” naturally like that


If you have to wonder about it, substitute another image; if in doubt, it’s out

The other (correct) entry can be seen here


Exhibit Subject Matter

Nature, the outdoors

Without the hand of man (HOM)

Read here if HOM is new to you

Unless you have absolutely NO doubt about

What is & is not the HOM,

Check out the above link!

ALSO – no wildlife; saving that theme for later

A bird flying through the scene is OK

But not as the main subject; just incidental


Yes, I’m a crotchety-old-grouch

Otherwise known as a curmudgeon 😦 😉

Entry Rules (repeated one last time from yesterday’s post)

#1 – One entry per person

Entries open immediately

Entries close 5/31/14 or after 100 entries (whichever is 1st)

#2 – Send entries to (NO other address)

Subject line: Nature Exhibit Entry


Your name


Image Title

Critique desired? Yes or No


JPEG file (NO other format)

1024 pixels on the long side

Not 300 and not 3,000 but 1024


I will reply to all entries (if sent to correct address) with either:

Thank you, or

Doesn’t conform to rules, or

HOM – not accepted

Wrong address? In the Trash 😦


Entries will be displayed

In a gallery in the order received

As soon as I send the acknowledgement reply

The only identification will be a number until

Viewer’s Choice and Equal Merit selections are done



The work must be yours

You retain all rights to the image

I will show suitable copyright markings

© by the photographer 2014

Email for details

And will substitute your name after the exhibit closes


A heads up –

Strive for originality

Images that look like those seen over & over

Won’t score high in the critique’s

Creativity and Communication areas

Unoriginal images are average at best


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