Image Magic

Summary – Here’s an example of magic when it comes to finding images.


001D300_090114_151704__DSC0659_origblogWe’re Complimentary

A quick retrieval

Based on nothing but color



Nearly 100,000 images in my test image archive

I’d like to find some spring flowers

Here’s where the magic comes in

Search and retrieve solely on the basis of colors


I chose five spring-like colors


Requested the 200 best matches (of 88,248 images)

It took less than 5 seconds to return with 176, including these 6

Click for full screen details


How about changing the color selections?

Like just these two instead of the previous 5?


Which, among others, resulted in these 6 images


Can your image organizer do this??

IMatch can


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    • This is one of several windows-only programs I absolutely couldn’t be without. Also, the reason why after buying|trying a Mac for 6-months two years ago, I sold it. Decided running Win programs on a Mac – although possible – just wasn’t worth it.

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