Mathew Brady Made Me Do It

Summary – A modern-day version of a glass slide camera’s view of a Civil War encampment. Inspiration, Mathew Brady; photo & processing, moi.


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Off & on I’ve done posts with the

So-and-so Made Me Do It theme

Here’s a handful including

Warhol, Monet, Duchamp, Patterson, Pollock, ….

Today I’m adding Mathew Brady to the list

I’m not a big fan of

Simulated old-time vintage photos

I do, however, like to keep up with what’s out-there

Including programs like Google-Nik’s

Analog Efex Pro which I used here


Scroll over the image to see the original as captured

Why would anyone want to intentionally degrade image quality

Except to illustrate some point like –

Here’s what glass plate slides used to look like

Civil war reenactment

I crawled into the cook’s tent as breakfast was being prepared


My style of composition

Tell a story by using foreground and mid-ground and background

Not just the young soldier sitting on a stump


Plus – tripod & circular polarizer

To tell a 3-layered story like this means f/16, not f/8

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